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Allow us to introduce ourselves 🤝

Allow us to introduce ourselves 🤝

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Welcome to Professional Risk Takers, where ambition meets opportunity! Our goal is to fuel the community spirit of Durham Region, empower its' individuals to embrace challenges, and unlock the limitless potential within each and every one of us.

Join us on this journey towards mindset mastery, and exceptional leadership!


This platform is built upon a foundation of collaboration, and shared aspirations. Within our virtual walls, you'll find a diverse network of like-minded individuals, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned business professionals, and everything in-between, all of whom are eager to learn, grow, and succeed together.

 We believe in the power of community and connections. 


So, whether you're a budding entrepreneur seeking guidance, an established business owner looking for fresh perspectives, or an aspiring leader ready to make your mark, Professional Risk Takers is the community for you. Unlock your potential, embrace calculated risks, and achieve extraordinary results alongside a vibrant community of ambitious individuals.


We can't wait to see you thrive!

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Matthew Halteh has been exposed to all sides of running your own business – from team management to customer service, and much much more. Once adult life came along, he went into business with his brother-in-law, and they started their own construction company together. His parents’ business and his own business are both still thriving today. He also owns and acts as a landlord and property manager to multiple real estate investments across Canada. Once Matthew entered his early thirties, he taught himself how to day-trade and this is a skill he still uses to this day to make money on top of his businesses and rental income. He went to college for Fitness & Health, and has been training for almost twenty years, which he says has instilled a very big sense of discipline in his life, right up until this day. Matthew is also heavily passionate about the self-development world and mental health. He reads voraciously on topics such as mindset, philosophy, history and psychology. Self-Improvement in all areas of life is definitely one of his major passions! Some of his other passions and interests include: economic markets, public speaking, travelling and trying new foods. 


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On the surface Lorenzo Perrone is an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner/partner with an extensive 22 years of experience. Lorenzo gained the entrepreneurial spirit from his father who was a successful and respected Real Estate Agent and Investor. At the age of 22 Lorenzo embarked on his first endeavour at starting a business in Construction and from there he’s never looked back. Over the 22 years that followed he has been involved in many successful business start ups and various high profile joint ventures one of which he was named Director for the service provider to one of the largest Outdoor advertising contracts in North America. Being highly skilled in contract negotiations building and implementing processes and procedures he has secured various city and province wide contracts working along with major National chains and infrastructure companies in the construction field. He takes a practical approach when consulting with business owners and senior executives all of whom have experienced positive results in both scaling and optimization of their businesses. He also continues to work on his craft of public speaking over the past 17 years he has both taught and spoken on various subjects from health and safety in the workplace to teaching and sharing biblical knowledge. Work and family life balance is paramount! Lorenzo is a devoted husband to his wife and a proud father of 3. When not engaged in all the business things he does to provide for his family he spends quality time and attention both at home and when possible travelling with them on family trips. He is involved and present in his children’s activities from MMA to rep soccer he never misses an event or game! In his personal time he is engaged in physical fitness, mindfulness workshops and when the weather allows hopping on a motorcycle and going for a ride! The ultimate goal for Lorenzo is to engage, empower and motivate his network and audience as he shares his personal knowledge, business and life experiences in an effort to support and leave an uplifting lasting impression.


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