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"I just wanted to say that I love your show and what you guys are doing with all of the interviews of successful entrepreneurs! I’ve always wanted to do my own thing one day and I just wanted to say thanks for the motivation! I will keep watching."


"I am 17 years old at the moment and these podcasts are actually very helpful and meaningful for me at this stage in my life"


"This podcast is already starting off so much better then any other professional podcast I’ve seen! I am SO impressed!"


"I am really enjoying your content. It is short, and straight to the point. I’ve never ever thought of investing before, but your videos are very educational and I’ll definitely keep watching. Keep it up!"


"Listening to your podcasts as I write this, and they are exceptional! You guys are both naturals and we can’t wait for more episodes!"


"Honestly, I've been listening to your podcasts and they've been super motivational to me. I am the biggest procrastinator I know and I'm taking your advice!
I look up to you guys for the commitment and dedication you have. You're a part of that 2% that succeed, and I'm MORE than confident that you and PRT will achieve huge success. It's a process but I know you'll get there."


Hey, Matt. I've been listening to your podcast.
I gave my 'two weeks notice' to my company last week and I'm going out on my own. I am pretty stressed about it, but listening to you guys on your episodes has helped ease my mind quite a bit."


"I’m really liking the podcast and notice the little improvements with each episode. 

I listen to a lot of this stuff and am a hard critic when it comes to podcasts. It’s great relatable info and good that it’s relatively short. 


You guys are clearly passionate! The energy in your voices and the sound quality is great. (I listen with my noise cancelling Bose and am sensitive to crap quality sound)

I also like your vulnerability. It’s what will help listeners feel like they know you, which helps with listener retention because they feel invested in you guys as hosts as well as the content you provide.


5 Star Rated, reviewed and followed on Apple and Spotify. 


I’m curious to see where it goes..

Keep up the good stuff!"

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